Holy Theerthas (wells,tanks..) at Rameshwaram:

There are Sankalpa mantras before taking bath in all the Theerthams (wells,tanks..) in Rameshwara Kshetra.You can also donate auspicious 22 DhAnAs (gifts) to Vedic Brahmins that are meant for each Theertha to for remedies.

One  must do "Theertha ShrAddha" whenever one visits holy Theerthas .It is very Important in Rameshwaram to please the ancestors/Pithru devathas.

One should take bath by wearing traditional dress.(Avoid Pants,fancy dress etc )

Theerthas (Holy Weels,Ponds..):

1)MahaLakshmi Theertha: 
  • To get rid off sins earned by illegal means,
  • To get wealth in noble business,
  • To get blessings of Godess Lakshmi.
  • Donate: Pearl necklace 
2)Agni Theertha: 
  • To get rid off sins like deliberate abortion,
  • killing babies,
  • To remove difficulties caused due to Ghosts,Pretha etc.,
  • Donate: Water pot,Food.(JalaPatra,AnnadhAna)
3)Chakra Theertha:
  •  For cutting limbs,organs
  • To get good health
  • Donate: Red Coral Necklace
4)Shiva Theertha:
  •  For speaking against  God Shiva & Vishnu.
  • For Shiva AparAdha
  • Donate: ShivaLinga
5)Shanka Theertha:
  •  For being ungrateful
  • For Cheating friends,boss & others
  • To become a visionary
  • To get intellect
  • Donate: Conch
6)Yamuna Theertha:
  •  For hating to hear Puranas
  • To unlike Vedas,Shastras etc
  • Donate: Red or Black Saree to Women
7)Ganga Theertha:
  • To get Self-realization by the grace of a Guru
  • Donate: Sandal paste in Silver vessel
8)Gaya Theertha:
  •  To remove all sins that are hurdles in getting self -realization
  • To remove the PAthithya Dosha to do ShrAdhha to parents.
  • Donate: Honey in Brass vessel
9)Koti Theertha: ( To be done on last day/when leaving)
  •  For killing uncle,relatives
  • To defecating in this Kshetra
  • To completely remove rest of sins
  • Donate: Footwear
10)SAdhyamritha Theertha:
  • Sins for looking other women with lust
  • To criticize others in front of elders
  • To remove all sins
  • Donate: Ghee in Brass Vessel
11) Sarva Theertha:
  • To get virtues of bathing in all theerthas & those in all 14 LokAs
  • To get all PurushArthAs like Dharma,Artha,KAma,Moksha
  • To get blessings of Sri Ramanatha Swamy
  • Donation: pAtheya Dhana,Anna Dhana
12)DhanushKoti Theertha:
  •  For doing mahApAthakAs 
  • For all sins (Sarva PrAyaschitta)
  • 36 times of bathing to get the biggest virtue of penance of observing 1080 Prajapathya kricchras that could take 12 years to complete
  •  Donate: NAndhi & Vaishnava Shraadha,Dasha DhAna (10 Donations),Go Dhana (Cow).
Will be continued...